(also known as Drums From A Distance, but DFAD is cool too…)

DSC_1286You’re one of several musicians that have a digital studio in their home and have been writing and recording your Abbey Road in your spare time. You’ve probably been able to capture great guitar and bass tones, vocals and keyboards while working in the comfort of your own home… except for the drums.

So, what are your options? You can probably sequence a drum track with MIDI and some samples. However, the time required to sequence everything is time taken away from writing your songs. Or, you finish your sequence only to find that the “drums” sound sterile and metronomic. The human element is missing.

You could take your tracks to a studio to record drums. But, you’ll need to find a seasoned drummer to play along to your songs, not to mention paying the possibly hefty studio and session fees. Or, this option is unavailable to you because there are no recording studios nearby.

DSC_2422That’s where Drums From a Distance comes in…

Shawn Sasyniuk is pleased to offer this service to amateur and professional recording artists who want the sound and feel of a professional drummer on their recordings. With years of stage and studio experience as a performer, engineer and producer, Shawn has the gear, chops and know-how to provide you with drum tracks that will make your songs fly off your speakers.

Artists that have used this service include Jean Bilodeau, Paul Demers, Jean-Michel Ouimet, Dan Volj, Kevin Daoust and Guillaume Cyr.